Saturday, August 6, 2016

Jardin Caxingui - August 1, 2016

Brazil, São Paulo West Mission
São Paulo, Brazil

Elder Houghtaling's Email
Monday, August 1, 2016

I'm on. I hope that you can talk right now... hehehe...

I am doing just fine. Correction. Well, this week we had both extremes. The good extreme is we got a new investigator who wants to be baptized, but were just waiting on permission from the bishop because he and his active Mormon girlfriend are moving to a different area of Brasil this Sunday after Sacrament Meeting. So, I hope the bishop says yes.

The other side is we had two missionaries choose to go home early. One of them is Elder Costa. He said he was having problems controlling his blood sugar and felt like he couldn't continue. I don't know about the other because he wasn't in my district. He was in my district before he left. Elder Costa was in the CTM (MTC) with me, but he left the CTM earlier than my group. I think the name sounds familiar because of Edi Costa E Silva, the sister in my ward that your'e friends with on FaceBook.

In my district, well, I don't know how many Elders are in my district or the area it covers. I think there are two sets of missionaries and in the Zone of São Paulo there are two districts.

So, the new Elder in my apartment is Elder Olivera (Olive Tree). Actually, all of the people in my house had birthdays. Elder P. Lima had his on the 22nd, Elder Johns on the 25th, and Elder Olivera on the 27th.

We're not playing sports today, but we did do exercises in the house today, and after this were going to watch the movie Seventeen Miracles, and then sleep.

Throughout the week we clean, shop, and do laundry. We do almost nothing on P-Day, contray to what the missionary handbook says.

We do almost no door knocking, the majority of the time we contact people in the streets. They are just about as friendly as people in America.

I don't think the email is delayed again because the last time I was receiving your email was more than ten minutes after they were sent. Now, there is no wait.

You asked about a flu going around in the MTC. I am pretty sure that is true because all the members I visit say there is a flu going around. But, I only caught a cold. Then again, in Portuguese, they use the same word for the flu and the cold.

You asked if I can see mountains where I am. I can't see any mountains from where I am. I can't see anything except city and suburbia even when I'm at the top of our apartment where we can see where Patricia lives, a place called Club Park. So yeah, it's like O Cidade de Nova York.

The sign that I sent a picture of was a sign in our ward building. I just wanted to show you that our church is getting hyped up for the 2016 Olympics in Rio, Brasil. I think the excitement is about the same as in the USA. 

I can't tell you how much I want to drive any car. Dad's specifically. I'm going to have to relearn to drive. I also would really love to learn to drive manual. And, also visit Palmyra and Salt Lake and other places of the church when I come back home.

I hope you haven't sent that care package yet because Elder Olivera really loves my sandals but stores here only has my type in small, red, and realllly expensive. About R$ 80, when we only get R$160 every 15 days. His shoe size is 41 here in Brazil. He would like white, and he said he would pay me back.

You keep asking if I need more Shave Secret. I have a bottle and a half left so I don't need any yet.


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