Thursday, August 4, 2016

Jardin Caxingui - July 18, 2016

Brazil, São Paulo West Mission
São Paulo, Brazil

Elder Houghtaling's Email
Monday, July 18, 2016

I'm on. I hope Google Gmail doesn't screw up with timing now. Last week I believe it was Google's fault for the weirdness in the email. This happens occasionally so I don't think it was because you tried to send a photo of Simon then.

Wooooo! Was the Duran Duran concert fun? I wish I was there. But I'm here, and I'm able to have a conversation with you.

Festival Junhia was last night, July 16th, at the stake center. I took a lot of pictures. Edi Costa E Silva took a photo that has me and my companion in it. Thank you, Edi Costa E Silva! :-)

Wild parrots are plentiful down here.

Yeah, my companion Elder Lima is staying in Jardin Caxingui. I think he is a little heart broken, because he thought for sure that he would be transferred. But the night before I prayed that he wouldn't get transferred because I'm having problems learning where people live, and this weird address system. He has been here about five months. I have already told him that I'm happy he's staying. I do think this is Elder Lima's last six weeks in Caxingui. He loves Bon Jovi!

Elder John's goes home on October 11th this year.

And, we are all happy one of the elders in my apartment was transferred. One word to describe him is obnoxious because he is loud and farts all the time.

I don't know why but these LAN HOUSE computers won't let me transfer photos or video to or from my camera. It sucks. Alright, my problem is that I can't transfer HD video. Only grainy SD..... I have to use a computer to transfer HD video. No, I don't need hardware. I'll just ask a member to do that for me.

I've been sharing the candies from the other packages you've sent. Sending English Book of Mormons for them isn't needed. The distribution center sells these. I don't think I need anything. But, I do think I need to send a package back with stuff because I have run out of space. Yes, I will be sending back souvenirs. I was thinking of reusing the boxes you used and packaging a lot to maximize space.

Alright, I have a white tie with the black back that I'm having my companions sign. I have heard of missionaries having their companions sign a Brazilian flag but I prefer having them sign the tie.

Talk about things back home. Does McDonald's have Olympic cups? I think we go to McD's too often because the entire crew recognizes us whenever we walk in there. Yes, pizza is another popular dinner item. Brazilian pizza is so much better than American pizza. I don't think I need you to send my cookbook.

So, ISIS (ISIL) here is called O Estado de Islamica. (The State of Islamic/The Islamic State)

We got a few new investigators this week. Both are Catholic, but are very interested in the church or have a lot of friends in the church, and don't just want to bash with us. (Yes, we have had a few of those.) The best idea for bashers is don't bash only speak the truth and let the spirit do the teaching. Also, good ideas are to show Mormon messages. They're super natural and really powerful.

I always pray for the safety and well being of my family, and whenever I'm in the temple, I put our family on the prayer roll. I LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!

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