Saturday, July 30, 2016

Jardin Caxingui - June 9, 2016 and June 13, 2016

Brazil, São Paulo West Mission
São Paulo, Brazil

Elder Bradshaw's Email
Thursday, June 9, 2016

Yes! We received your son, Elder Houghtaling, Elder Wright, Elder Siglin and Elder Cazier here in our mission on Tuesday. They arrived well and are already in their own areas carrying out the Lord's work with their Trainers. You will receive his letter of arrival either today or tomorrow!

His P-day is Monday. You should receive an email from him then.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us! We were happy that we received each of these missionaries. They are ready and excited to be able to carry out the Lord's work.

Best regards,

Elder Bradshaw, Secretário Executivo
Missão Brasil São Paulo Oeste

Letter of Arrival
Friday, June 10, 2016


Elder Houghtaling's Email
Monday, June 13, 2016

Hey! I want to talk! Hey, Mom. I'm on now with about an hour of time.

I'm really close to the Temple but it isn't in my area. My area is Jardin Caxingui. Elder P. Lima is a cool guy who has about a year left in the field. There was an Elder Lima in this mission when he got here so they added the middle initial to this tag. He's from the capital of Brazil, Brasilia.

Will you send everything to the mission home, and they will forward it to me in the field. I got your package on Thursday. However, I have not gotten the 2nd package yet.

I'm doing well. I'm trying to speak Portuguese, and I'm just not fluent. Something weird about the Portuguese language is the di makes a gi sound. I suggest talking with Paula about pronunciation. I think there is a slight difference, I think Portugal is more formal than Brazil.

We have our first baptism this Friday. Her name is Patricia. We will take pictures.

We have lunch appointments because apparently dinner isn't a celebrated meal here. Occasionally we and the other elders in the 'apartment' will order some food and have it delivered.

There are two sets of elders in our apartment. I share a room with my companion.

I am staying warm during the day. Once you become used to the weather, and then it drops below 20 degrees C, it will feel cold. BTW I do know the forecast because I was able to see it on the missionary portal. I am not cold at night because of the Michigan State blanket Dad is letting me use.

I do know that we live near our ward building, which is not in our area. Ha! We don't even live in our area! There are no buses, it's about a seven minute walk into our area. And were about 30 minutes by foot from the Temple.

Laundry is gong well. We have to hang everything in the house because we don't have a dryer. Showers are warm, but we have no furnace. And, yes, we have multiple fans.

Yes, I was able to read your entire email and others before you responded. Have you been checking the forecast for here? About the winters here, they seem like Spring, or Fall in the States.

I have an approximate address:
93 Rua Joao Correa da Silva Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo 05541-200 Brasil

Our apartment building is the gray door to the right of the gray garage.

I don't think you can flush toilet paper but I'm not sure. I'm sure a little bit won't hurt the system.

An answer to your question about if Brazilians take showers multiple times a day; my companion takes a shower in the morning and the evening.

Oh, there is a McDonalds in my area. We ate there Friday for dinner. All of the food is pretty similar to the USA. I like the food here.

Oh! I packed the wrong exercise pants. I packed the small ones.

I have seven minutes. So, the guy that runs the computer bar here currently is playing some fantasy game, and his laugh is quite annoying.

I LOVE YOU!!!!! Until next week!

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MTC Sixth Week - June 1, 2016

Brazil, São Paulo West Mission
São Paulo, Brazil

Elder Houghtaling's Email
Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I'm on!

How are things? Yes, I got your letters from Mission Ties and I had a wonderful birthday and week. Thank you for the pizza last week. My instructor Fernanda Fuoco got me a gigantic cookie, which everyone in my district enjoyed. Elder Burt and Elder Wright's moms got us two pizza parties? Thank you! The pizza is so much better than the pizza at MTC. Yes, I love that pizza. I also got the card Grandma Berger sent me. Thank you for the gigantic cookie that I will pick up at Mr. Cheney's today. Mission ties wasn't able to print off all the pictures that you sent.

Do you want to hear about my proselyting activities?

On May 14th, was the day in history when Brazil legalized marijuana, and the street we were proselyting on was having a parade for it that day. So we were giving out Book of Mormons to people who I don't believe were high, but there was a lot of tie-die stuff being worn. Me and my companion talked to this film crew that was covering the Festival, and they rejected it. I also told them weed is bad. And then we gave a Book of Mormon to a famous comedian at the even. Talk to Sister Fuoco about it. But, we were able to give out all the books (5 per person) that day. And, those past Saturday we were proselyting on the same street with the same amount of books. Except this time there was an LGBT parade that was happening the next day. So, we avoided those who are gay because they tend to have anti Mormon feeling. And nowhere in my emails did I say I felt safe.

I'm always watching for potential threats. But, maybe its me being dropped into a different culture and I'm the minority.

Char emailed me along with Derick Augst, Elder Stewart and Elder Banham. I still need to email Elder Feil. I was going to say this earlier but it slipped my mind.

I know I am leaving the MTC on Tuesday morning. And, because I'm going to a local mission I don't have to get up as early as the people who are boarding a plane to go to the mission field. My companion is going to Floripa so I might have to get up early because companions stick together. I am excited!

I am also glad that the last P-Day will have more than one hour outside of the MTC. He will be traveling with another group of Brazilian missionaries going to the same mission.

Bye! I love you!

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MTC Fifth Week - May 25, 2016

Brazil, São Paulo West Mission
São Paulo, Brazil

Elder Houghtaling's Email
Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I'm here! Estou aqui!

I'm glad you like the pictures I sent. I'm glad you like my new haircut. It was free. The CTM (MTC) barber took a number 4 blade guard to all of my head.

I'm seriously thinking about coming home. I feel like I'm on a tight leash, and honestly almost every day feels the same. Bad.

It's just everything, I can't get more than seven hours of sleep and my district got together yesterday, and Elder Wright said, "You aren't speaking much Portuguese, so it doesn't seem like you are learning it. What are you going to do in the field when you have a Brazilian companion?"

On the outside, I am not happy; it's every day I feel more and more dented. I get dragged everywhere by my companion, because he doesn't believe in taking a break. The same routine every day, get up, run late, unable to prepare for lessons because you're pushed so hard. And not able to get to bed on time because there is so much stuff to do. But the other Americans in our district know this language better than I do already, the ones without Brazilian parents!

I want to serve in São Paulo. I want to learn the language. But I can't because every time I begin to feel happy and try to pronounce things right my companion has to shoot me down because I sound like a Hispanic. "I'm surprised you weren't called to a Spanish speaking mission. Because that is how you sound." And, the instructors teach us Portuguese in fluent Portuguese and then ask us if we understand.

Someone in my district said, "You are in your fifth week, you should be able to respond in complete sentences by now."

There is no one to talk to about this. The next person I can talk to is Elder Hart. He is like the psychologist of our branch. I can't talk to the counselor. There is literally no time.
Gift of tongues is what everyone says. I believe in it, and I'm working towards it. But, how come I am not receiving it?

Except this is starting to feel worse than the nice hour flight here. You know its bad when a flight back home looks more promising than making it out of the MTC.

Thank you. I will try to stay strong.

There are two pizza parties for my birthday, early? Thank you!

Time is running short, so I guess I have to go.

I love you!

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MTC Fourth Week - May 18, 2016

Brazil, São Paulo West Mission
São Paulo, Brazil

Tylor's Email
Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I'm on now!

I'm doing good right now. Early this week a 12 hour flight back to the US was looking pretty nice. Life got pretty rough, but its been rough for a few others in our group.

Studying, instructors, the strict rules... For example, the Wifi on my camera. I can't use it even at the Temple or the chapel next to the temple because in the MTC pamphlet it states that I can't use any other internet outside of the MTC. And in the MTC we can't connect the cameras to the computers. I could see the LDS Access Wifi on my camera but, no, gotta follow them to the T. Wifi is internet in his point of view.

I'm also afraid people interpreting my camera's capabilities wrong and telling my branch president that I have something that can be connected to the internet on my mission. In the missionary handbook it says, "Your loyalty is first to God, then to your companion. If your companion breaks any of the rules then tell your mission president." And, I'm afraid to talk to anybody about this for fear of having my camera taken away. Maybe I'll talk to the Snyder's about this. They remind me of the Decker's, and they are fluent in English, so they'll understand fully.

I think I might use the missionary program at Mr. Cheney's to send photos and video to you. If not, I might just send them to you when I am in the mission field. I feel like my choice to use agency has been taken away.

So... about home?

I have not received the MissionTies letters yet, but I will drop by there.

We have cinnamon rolls coming our way at Mr. Cheney's today? And a Kit Kat and Peanut M&M's? No Way! Thanks, Mom!

Well, time is running short because the first computer I used decided not to work properly, so I only got 40 minutes. Can I say Heil Hitler to the MTC?

I thank you so much for praying for me. I will try to pray for you as well.

I love you, too!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016
Sent by Tylor using the missionary program at Mr. Cheney's.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016
These photos are from Elder Kyle Burt.

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