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Macedônia Ward, Macedônia B - Campo Limpo Stake - September 11, 2017 and September 18, 2017

Brazil, São Paulo West Mission
São Paulo, Brazil

Elder Houghtaling's Email
Monday, September 11, 2017

Hi Mom,

I'm doing better this week. I believe the reason why I was feeling the way I was is because I was tried and being pushed beyond what I could give. The missionary I was with used this division to go to as many in-active member's addresses before the division ended. Many of these addresses were old and the person had moved years earlier. Unfortunately, Elder Fugal was stressed and he walks a lot and quickly when he's stressed. It was this time in Catanduva with Elder Fugal that I developed the blister on my foot. The blister only hurt until Friday, then stopped hurting. Today I still have this blister. I talked with Sister Thomas who then brought this up with "Doctor" Thomas. 

The reason why I was transferred is because Elder Galdino rejected going to the area of Limão because this area is filled with hills and he has bad knees. So, President prayed and received revelation to put him in my spot with Elder Sigognini. He felt that the other options would have resulted in a bad transfer for me because of a difference in personalities.

I haven't tried the South Africa Kit Kats from Bishop Cammack yet. Please tell him thank you. But the Oreos are well, explosive.

The man at the picnic table is Marcos, and his son Joseph. We were at the church having a churrasco. The other photos of the motorcycles and busses are example of the traffic here. The motorcycles weave their way in and out of traffic. They don't have the same rules as cars here in Brazil. In the city, usually one motorcyclist dies per day because of accidents.

Everything still works on the voice recorder. The recording I sent last week was with the now damaged recorder. I'm not sure how the screen cracked... but don't worry about it.

To answer Grandma's question about where do us missionaries get our hair cut, we cut our hair cut at the local hair cutters in the area that we happen to be serving.

Yesterday I did some math. Until April 4th, when I'll get home, I have 205 days until that date. Yes, it is five transfers, including this one. On Sunday, Elder Lisboa will have 30 days until he returns home.

There was a baptism yesterday after church. Gabriela, age nine.

Congratulations on being 20% fluent in Brazilian Portuguese!

I didn't make a voice recording this week.


This blister was from my time in Catanduva. "Walk `till you drop."

Brazil, São Paulo West Mission
São Paulo, Brazil

Elder Houghtaling's Email
Monday, September 18, 2017

Hello Mom,

I just had a rough time with the private email system from the church in which I had to re-write the letter to the president two times, because it didn't save and then logged me out, spending time that I don't have.

Thank you for telling me that my rear view mirror is no longer attached to my windshield. Will you please disconnect the mirror of my car from the wires, as to not damage the wires?

This week lunch fell through four times in a row. We told our ward mission leader on Saturday about this mess, and he brought it to the bishop on Sunday Morning. By Sacrament meeting on Sunday, the bishop's wife was now making a new calendar for this month because the missionaries are using March's calendar. Yesterday, I was wanting to be transferred because of all these problems. But, we did have lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

Elder Wright's companion, Elder Magno, arrived from the CTM this transfer.

I cut open the blister because it was filled with a brown liquid, then I cut off the dead skin. On my other foot, there was a callous that was falling off so I had to cut that off as well. My feet are healing nicely. One thing about the missionary work, there is no such thing as a desk job when you are outside of the office, but what I can do is limit my walking. I'm feeling great; the areas where the blister and callous were are a little sensitive.

I was using some boots that a member gave to me, but I have stopped using them after that.

We have a Multi-zone conference on Thursday with a visit from Elder Basset, a General Authority. As I was chit-chatting with him, I discovered that he knows Marcelo Souza from our ward. 

If you ever need to contact the mission office, it will be Elder Revers until the end of this transfer, then Elder Eggers.

Elder Lucas is the new assistant with Elder Meira. The Former was Elder BomTempo.

Elder Fugal has the blond hair. I will send photos to you. We appeared in the weekly card that I will send to you.

My new apartment is Estrada Pirajussara-Valo Velho, 1465 - Jardim Mitsutani, São Paulo - SP, 05791-220, also known as Condomínio Pirajussara

Photos from the mission tour with Elder Basset.

You were asking for a photo of my desk.

This is the planner for this transfer.

Nothing much has been happening. So, I’m sending you some reading material.

Tylor would love to hear from you:

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