Sunday, October 29, 2017

Macedônia Ward, Macedônia A - Campo Limpo Stake - August 28, 2017 and September 4, 2017

Brazil, São Paulo West Mission
São Paulo, Brazil

Elder Houghtaling's Email
Monday, August 28, 2017

Cool week with some cool stories.

This won't help your case of "Tranki" but if the transfers continue at every 6 weeks, the two possible dates in which my time will expire is April 3rd, 2018 or May 15th, 2018.

Elder Dias only has 6 more days until he goes home.

The mission is receiving 14 new missionaries, the largest group in a long while. 

Yesterday (Sunday), as we were walking to church, I saw a woman hanging out the window of a car passing by screaming, HOUGHTALING! Guess who it was? Sandra. About 30 minutes later, in church now, a member pulls us out of Elder's quorum, and Sandra, and Odair had dropped by to say hi. The reason why that they were out here is to pick up Odair's cellphone that was stolen by a kid. The parents had called Sandra asking when they can drop by to pick up the cellphone. So, they went on Sunday and that’s when they saw me.

I'm not sure if resetting my camera had helped, because I didn't send photos using this email.

Ohhh, Grandpa and his ideas. I'll continue to pray for his safety. Glad to know he is doing well.

I sent Serra this video from the church about the plan of salvation.

You've been asking for my home address, right? Rua Júlio Costa Chimenez 256. As I was looking on Google, it appears that this house is a newer house, as I'm not seeing it.

Our chapel is around Rua Jamie Balmer 267, it's currently being reformed.

We're using the stake center 2pm-5pm with sacrament last. Rua Armando Erse Figueiredo 73.

I believe the last name of Sandra and Odair is Silva. But I'm not sure.


Brazil, São Paulo West Mission
São Paulo, Brazil

Elder Houghtaling's Email
Monday, September 4, 2017

Weekly email.

I've been in the area of Catanduva since Saturday night with Elder Fugal. Elder Dias and Elder B Silva left Sunday morning to visit the area of Vila Andrade (Paraisòpolis) because they both passed through that area, then went to the mission office.

About the transfer. Last night (Sunday) I received a phone call from Elder Meira (Assistant) telling me that my companion will be Elder Sigognini, but this morning as I was waiting to use the LAN House He called me back saying that there has been a few alterations made in the transferred from Macedônia A to Macedônia B, so I will be staying in the same ward with the same area because we don’t divide the area. My new companion will be Elder Lisboa, who trained Elder Do Carmo. This will be his last transfer, as well.

Other than this nothing much has happened with me.

I'm glad that you went to the cabin this Labor Day. I've been wanting to go there as well... But I'm here still.

Just continue doing your part and praying, and fasting.


Tchau tchau!

This week was pretty normal. I wasn’t transferred.

Elder Dias we had a hard time finding new investigators for the past few weeks. Maybe it was a lack of effort on our part.

I got my sunglasses back from that elder. It is nice having them back. The sun was too bright for my eyes, making my eyes squint. Do you know that flavored water that you freeze, otter pops? Elder and Sister Anderson, the church meeting of  Catanduva, told me about these. I hear they are like flavored ice that we have bought at Sam's. 

I LOVE YOU GUYS. Have a great week!

Tchau, tchau!

I'm with Elder Fugal until Tuesday, when I receive a new companion. Elder B Silva is with Elder Dias.

A Giant Group of New Missionaries are Arriving

A Giant Group of New Missionaries are Arriving

A Giant Group of New Missionaries are Arriving

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