Sunday, December 4, 2016

Jardin Bonfiglioli Ward, Jardim Bonfiglioli - Raposo Tavares Stake - November 28, 2016

Brazil, São Paulo West Mission
São Paulo, Brazil

Elder Houghtaling's Email
Monday, November 28, 2016

I'm on.

Elder Guimarães, my new companion, is really good. He's a fun missionary that knows how to work. We already have two baptisms lined up. Marina the niece of Viviani, and David the son of Jerry. Elder Guimarães is from Brazil, near Recife. David is the one that likes Boom Beach. So I found the Task Force, but it looks like I was kicked out, or Supercell deleted it because of inactivity.

December 17 is the same day we hope David will be baptized. I don't know his last name. But his dad is Jerry Hashimoto. And the niece of Vivian will be baptized on 12-10-2016. But there is a ward dinner on the same day, and we're still waiting for permission from her mom to baptize her. So, we'll see how that goes. 

I did nothing for Thanksgiving, but on Tuesday we bought a pizza, with the chocolate filled crust. Yes. I like the pizza here more than back home.

I live in houses here. But some houses are divided into multi houses at the same address. And yes all of them have washing machines. We live alone in this house and its about two times bigger than the previous house.

If you want to look at a satellite image of where we live, our house address is:
103 R. Jonas
Herculano Aquino,
Jardim Bonfiglioli, São Paulo, SP, Brasil

I received my package. I used the new name tag on Sunday. Oh, the package you sent was one of the biggest packages in the mission office. I think the package that I sent you and dad will be arriving this week back home. You guys can open it. 

The Find My iPhone ping that you heard on Saturday... That was me playing a joke on you and dad. I hope you guys liked it. I borrowed Heric's iPhone 5c, that has a really touchy screen.

I think the internet is working well. But I'm using an older LAN House that is using Windows Vista, with keyboards from the age of XP.

Can you keep in contact with Rosi in Osasco? Their family is being sealed and I want to participate with them. You can tall Viviani because she will tell me and then I can ask for permission to enter. Like can you ask Rosi when their family will be sealed, and when you have an answer can you get it to Viviani, because I literally see her everyday.

I can only go to the temple if the president permits us to.

Can you see what the average bus fare is in Kalamazoo? Here in São Paulo its R$3.80.


Elder Houghtaling and Elder Guimarães

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