Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Jardin Bonfiglioli Ward, Jardim Bonfiglioli - Raposo Tavares Stake - December 19, 2016

Brazil, São Paulo West Mission
São Paulo, Brazil

Elder Houghtaling's Email
Monday, December 19, 2016

I'm on! I'm about half way through reading your email. SO, give me a few more minutes.

I'm free to respond now. A few more people emailed me. Chase from school, and also Mr. Williams. I wrote them back. Did you send Mr. Williams a Christmas card?

Well, Brazil is on summer break and then un June or July they're on winter break. This is what I understand. Yeah, It's wired. It does feel like Christmas. It's not warm, it's burning hot. Whenever I'm outside it feels like an oven. Hot, unforgiving heat. It's more comfortable in the shade.

I'm trying to find the tail number of the Boeing 767-400 of Delta Airlines that delivered me down here. I've narrowed it down to 10 aircraft N830MH to N839MH.

You said you are learning Brazilian Portuguese. Learning Brazilian Portuguese is all about practicing and making errors until you know the right way. Talk and practice with the Brazilians in our ward helps. Pai Celestial, or Pai Celeste, both mean the same thing; Heavenly Father. I'm using Celestial.

I think the person in our ward, the Kalamazoo 1st Ward, Kalamazoo, Michigan, who served his mission in Italy, his last name is Williams. Do we still have the Brazilian family in our ward, the Souza family? That is cool Sister Souza's mom, Adriane Leão, emailed you November 25th about a sister she knows that just opened her mission call and is coming to Brazil Sao Paulo West. It's a small world. Thank you for letting me know her name, Sister Rocha.

For our Christmas Skyping, I have no idea where or when we will be doing this but I will find out.

I think we will take the bus to our Christmas Party/Devotional. But, because Elder Guimarães doesn't like busses, or bananas, we might just walk. Because he says the Chapel of Ferreira is close by, we're able to walk.

Yes, I don't know what happened when he was a child, but he hates bananas. He's from Recife, and there they have a lot of bananas. That's me describing my companion to you. But if given the option of riding the bus or eating a banana, he will choose the bus.

Both baptisms of David and Marina will happen in Janeiro.

I was wanting to tell you something but I don't remember...


12-13-2016 Zone Temple Trip

My Camera was Hijacked. :-)

12-17-2016 Ward Christmas Party

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