Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Jardin Bonfiglioli Ward, Jardim Bonfiglioli - Raposo Tavares Stake - December 5, 2016 and December 13, 2016

Brazil, São Paulo West Mission
São Paulo, Brazil

Elder Houghtaling's Email
Monday, December 5, 2016

Hello? Its me. I'm fine. And you?

The translation is right. Rosi and her husband don't have a date to be sealed yet, but they're hoping to sometime in December. But, thanks for trying, Just keep on talking with her and occasionally asking.

Oh yes, you found where I'm living currently.

Well, it was a good week. David will be baptized on 12/17/2016 and Marina after 1/10/2017 because her mom works a lot.

It is nice that you take fotos of missionaries in your ward. I'm sure it's against some rule the church has about photos in sacrament, or the sacrament room. But I don't see big problems with it.

Thank you for checking the Kalamazoo bus fares for me. It's expensive compared to the bus fare here. $1.50 adult bus fare is R$5.18 in Brazil. The bus fare here is R$3.80.

What has been fixed on my car? Only oil changes but nothing else? And the windshield, I remember reading a few months back that Dad was going to fix the seal. Oh it's cool it has not been fixed yet.

Have you set up a Skype account yet? When you set it up, can you please tell me your user account name so I know who to call?

Priority problems first, like your cracked windshield please. I hope its not expensive.

On December 8, we will have a multi zona, but it will just be us and Zona São Paulo.

And, on December 13, my zone will be going to the Temple. The session starts at noon.

The mission Christmas party/devotional will be on the 21st of December in the chapel of Ferreira. I heard our Christmas party I won't be a Christmas party but the entire mission will be together. I heard it will be a devotional, of sorts.

Tell Dad that I LOVE HIM TOOO! And Hi as well. I have about 14 minutes.

This week we had a very odd lunch. We were talking with the sister who was giving us lunch, and she went way off the tracks about pop. She said that drinking pop is like breaking the law of chastity. And it is also an article of faith not to put anything harmful into your body like pop. Me and my companion were feeling the obligation to completely destroy her, but we didn't. Yep. She's a "little bit" crazy.

On Sunday the chapel was without energy because of strong rain on Saturday. But the energy returned during the third hour.

Mom, I have a question. I have been hearing that my FB has been accepting friend requests, and I want to know if this is you that has been doing that. Love you! Have you changed the password? Or no. If you feel it should be changed, then yes please. Oh in one of the photos you sent today, the one with the box I sent, I thought I saw my phone, right?

Also, if you want you can open up the hymn book I sent you in Portuguese and read it. If you want.

Oh, here in Brasil, I found new applications for communicating. One is called Zello. It's like a walkie-talkie. And the other is Whatsapp. Both are really popular here.

And I just found a Decathlon in my zone of Raposo. I will try to make it there in a few P-Days.


Boa Noite, Mãe! Te amo!

Meu filho, minha filha. Entendeu? Te amo, seu filho.

Elder Guimarães, Leonardo Silva, and Elder Houghtaling. Photo Courtesy of Vivian Queiroz, 11-29-2016

Helamã 5:12... amazing scripture! - Courtesy of Vivian Queiroz, 11-29-2016

Elder Guimarães and Elder Houghtaling having Lunch at Sandra Moraes Castro's Home. Photo Courtesy of Sandra Moraes Castro, 11-30-2016

Elder Guimarães and Elder Houghtaling having Lunch at Sandra Moraes Castro's Home. Photo Courtesy of Sandra Moraes Castro, 11-30-2016

Lunch at Sandra Moraes Castro's Home. Photo Courtesy of Sandra Moraes Castro, 11-30-2016

Elder Houghtaling and Leonardo Silva, 12-04-2016

Brazil, São Paulo West Mission
São Paulo, Brazil

Elder Houghtaling's Email
Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Hello. I am recommending Skype for Christmas. And those apps that I mentioned are just common apps that use data and Wifi, because its cheaper than paying for minutes, or messages.

Today is really rushed, so I would like to speak. Yes, I went to the temple today. The temple doesn't have Christmas decorations, but the chapel next door does, and yes I took pictures.

Did you get your snow day today and, is it still snowing, and how much snow has fallen by today if it is still snowing? Just don't rush driving ever. Better to get there late, than never.

Its been raining here. A lot. Almost every day, of straight soaking downpour. Yes, I'm staying dry, now that my companion bought an umbrella, so I don't have to share my umbrella anymore.

Please send Rosi this message...
"Estou bem. Fui por O Templo hoje. Mas, esta munto quente. 32 graus aqui. Voces tem uma data por selamento ainda? Como ela esta. Estou com saldaudes por familia da Rosi e Roni."

Sunday was Stake Conference, so we paid for the bus to get to the old Stake Center. Also, during Stake Conference, we had a few people give talks via transmission. They were, the second counselor and President of the Brazil area, someone in the Primary President, and Jeffery R. Holland. All of whom spoke Portuguese. Well, Jeffry Holland began his talk in Portuguese and then finished it in Portuguese, when he bore his testimony, which was more than just cool, it was powerful. Yeah sure, his pronunciation was way off, but it was way cool.

I saw the Christmas Devotional before Stake Conference.

I am doing fine. I spoke a lot of English with Vivian last night because she's helping me re-learn how to speak English right so I can speak with you on Christmas.

And as me and Elder Guimarães were on our way to the LAN House today for emailing, not far down the road these two men were trying their best (without luck) to push a printer up a steep driveway to the road so they can load it into their van. So, we stopped and helped them, as they had no chance at succeeding, then we left after the printer was in the van.

David wasn't baptized on Saturday, but we did have a ward dinner which was very fun and had a lot of food. David might be baptized on Christmas (24/25).

I do miss the snow but not the cold.

Grandma's package hasn't arrived yet. But, I think it will get here soon. 

During the visit from Elder/President Marcos A. Aidukaitis in our mission, he was doing what is called a mission tour. Well during the meeting with all the Sister leader trainers, Zone Leaders, District Leaders, and President and Sister Thomas. All he did was burn. He asked President Thomas, "President, do you have a Preach My Gospel for this mission, because this mission is doing a lot of stuff that isn't in Preach My Gospel." In this mission we were doing weekly planning on Tuesday, and District meeting on Friday. Because in Pregar Meu Evangelho it says that weekly planning can be done on Tuesday or Friday. But in Preach My Gospel, it says weekly planning can be done on Thursday or Friday.

The people who inspect the houses, are usually Sister Thomas, and the elder who is the Secretary of Houses.

The investigators and potential investigators usually, come from references from members and from the church. As I just received two from noreply@mormon.org. I think its from #LighttheWorld.

For Christmas, you can go to church because our church meeting will only be Sacrament Meeting starting at 10. Our lunches usually end around 2 or 3. I think it'll work out. One thing that I've seen time and time again is when you go to church, and obey the commandments, everything will work out. Just remember that I don't know if I'll be using a computer because a lot of people here use cellphones. I mean, I don't know if the conference call will work with a smart phone, but it will be Skype for certainty.

Oh yes, I think Feliz 2017, or Feliz Novo Ano would've been better than what you wrote in our Christmas card, Feliz Novo! The rest is good. Feliz Natal.

I would like to see the new Star Wars movie.

Have you heard about the plane in Chicago that caught on fire back in I think October? It was an American Airlines Boeing 767-300. I also only heard that the new Air Force One will be a new Boeing 747-800. I did not hear about Trump cancelling the order for these Air Force One planes.

If we get cut off. I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Yes, I brought shorts with me.

I LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!! Tell Dad that too. Tell him Thank You for recording shows for me. See you next week!

Photo Courtesy of Vivian Queiroz, 12-10-2016

Photo Courtesy of Vivian Queiroz, 12-10-2016

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