Saturday, July 30, 2016

MTC Third Week - May 11, 2016

Brazil, São Paulo West Mission
São Paulo, Brazil

Tylor's Email
Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hey, I'm on now!

When I am in the field I will be able to speak more on the phone, maybe even FaceTime or Skype.

I am only online for 45 minutes so I will try to read your email.

I would have more time on panic day if it wasn't for some people being a half hour late to the bus every time... and these keyboards are weird so I keep screwing up when I try typing.

I hope to be able to buy the things I need. An American group that left the MTC on Tuesday gave us a map on Monday with all the cool stores in the MTC boundaries.

There are multiple districts on the bus to the temple. We don't have any new people in our district, and we will not be getting any. We're called district 17-A ING. There are no Brazilians in my district. But we were the only American district on the bus. The MTC chartered a bus. Those two Brazilians make everyone wait. There are like 50 people on the bus.

The MTC frowns upon picture taking inside the MTC and there is a white board with instructions in Portuguese telling us that we have to sit next to our companion, we can not connect any cameras or thumb drives to the computer, and we can only use it for 45 minutes.

To buy things, I think it has to be my companion that goes with me, but districts typically go together.

Tell Dad I love him, too!

So, you were saying something about two Pizza Parties at Mr. Cheney's that Elder Burt and Elder Wrights moms sent us? One is pepperoni and the other is Supreme. Thank you!

It doesn't help that Wifi doesn't exist in the MTC and any outside Wifi is unsafe. Too bad I keep trying to find the network but it doesn't work. I have never felt more restricted in my life.

Jeffery R. Holland is coming to the MTC to give a devotional on Sunday!

I'll try to send pictures next week. No good way to say this, but time is up.

I love you too! Don't cry please. Bye!

Tylor would love to hear from you:

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