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Macedônia Ward, Macedônia B - Campo Limpo Stake - December 18, 2017 and December 25, 2017

Brazil, São Paulo West Mission
São Paulo, Brazil

Elder Houghtaling's Email
Monday, December 18, 2017

I've been catching up on my journal the past week. I've just been needing to be more dedicated about writing. I still haven't caught up to today yet. I have passed 600 days since I've entered the CTM.

Yes, Elder Burt and his trainee Elder García (Argentina) are in dupla (A). Because we aren't in the same district we won't be doing any divisions. But we do see each other every day for Lunch.

In São Paulo time we're planning on using video call around 3pm. Be ready to accept any friend request on Natal, because it's probably a member trying to help me out. More than likely I'll be talking with you from the Bishop's house. Luciana Cruz (Bishop's Sister) lives here. The Bishop's, and his wife's name is Francisco and Patricia Cruz.

I received both packages; Grandma's two week's ago, and yours on Tuesday. Elder Ramos did get his package as well on Tuesday. I have not opened up the wrapped present that was in your package, reserving it to be opened on Christmas day.

The Mission Christmas Party was great, It wasn't too hot on this day. Yes, the lunch at the party was churrasco, What I took a picture of is an example of a churrasco.

I guess you can send me some extra cards for me to give to people. But not many, something like ten I guess.

I watched the trailer for Star Wars The Last Jedi. It looks great.

I went to the mission office on Wednesday to go to the Federal Police and retrieve a orange card that is my foreigner card. The Mission will hang on to this card until the end of my mission. While I was in the office I asked about my ticket. They've requested the missionary department to buy the ticket.

I'm happy to hear that Grandpa's surgery wen't great.

The only thing I'll ask of you is to continue to pray for me and my investigators. Also pray that our companionship can stay good. It was rough this week.

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

12-23-2017 - Thank You Geraldine Maia Contadini for these photos!

12-23-2017 - Thank You Geraldine Maia Contadini for these photos!

12-23-2017 - Thank You Geraldine Maia Contadini for these photos!

Brazil, Sao Paulo West Mission
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Elder Tylor Houghtaling's Email
Sunday, December 25, 2017 - Merry Christmas!

It was wonderful talking with Tylor on Christmas Day. The FaceBook Video Messenger sound was breaking up for Tylor so he switched to another computer, and we couldn't hear him at all. Tylor used someone's iPhone and we could see and hear him!

He turned the camera to show us how the rain was pouring, and then I turned our camera to show him the blowing snow here. He said he missed the snow! Tylor was happy that this is the last Christmas of his mission in Brazil, and that as of Christmas Day, exactly 100 day remained until he would return home.

It was a nice surprise to see Elder Kyle Burt. He tried to help fix the sound problem.

It was difficult to fend our visit. Before the visit ended, Tylor asked us to hug everyone at the family Christmas/New Year's Eve celebration, and tell them, "Hi." He also me to talk to President Witt to schedule being released from his mission the day he returns to us, April 4th, 2018. He also told us to help the missionaries here. The funny thing is, less than 10 minutes after we ended our visit, Sister Ott and Sister Smith called me and asked if I would pick them up at the Stevens' house and go with them to visit a sister in the hospital. Of course I helped. At the hospital, they sang Christmas carols and I took a few photos and voice recorded them singing because I knew the sister's moms would love receiving them. I love receiving photos of Tylor from wonderful friends in Brazil.
Thank you Gerusa Pisoni, Luciana Cruz, and other friends in Brazil for making it possible for us to visit with Tylor! Thank you Paula Burt for this video of Elder Burt and Tylor Houghtaling.

Sister Ott and Sister Smith Christmas Day Carol Singing in Borgess Hospital

Sister Ott and Sister Smith Christmas Day Carol Singing in Borgess Hospital

Tylor would love to hear from you:

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