Thursday, October 27, 2016

Jardin Caxingui - August 29, 2016

Brazil, São Paulo West Mission
São Paulo, Brazil

Elder Houghtaling's Email
Monday, August 29, 2016

I'm on. I'm doing well but am a little nervous because I'm being transferred to the Helena Maria Ward in Osasco. Elder Lima is being transferred to Caucaia. I was not expecting to be transferred so soon. Osasco is more North than West of me. And I heard that this city is more of a poorer area, but richer in spirit. This might be an answer to our prayers for more investigators, and baptisms.

Oh, in reality my ward Jardin Caxingui is in the area of Jardin Peri Peri. It will be sad not to see Edi Costa after this. Yeah, I would use the interactive map on to find this.

I only heard that Elder Siglin is being transferred to Villa Sonia, which is the area (just South of my current area) that I go to every Monday to write.

Well for tomorrow, I will be at the mission office at 9:00 in the morning, and from there to my new area, I will be opening this area with Elder Srur. I'm hoping that members will be driving us. Elder P. Lima already had Elder Srur as a companion. He said that this companion is really cool as well.

Oh...with this new president many missionaries are having the chance to open, and close areas. When an area closes that means both missionaries are being transferred. But the next day a new set of missionaries arrive in the area, which is called opening the area. Is your question answered?

Actually, I don't like changes. And a missionary's life is changing completely constantly. There is no consistency in a Missionary's life. It stresses me out. I mean I'm not freaking out or anything because I know that this is what a mission is meant to do; give a lifetime of changes in a short period of time. I guess that an area gets too complicated, and this is just the way that an area is cleansed. I'm glad that things don't change with you as well.

I hear that me and Elder Srur will be sharing an apartment with another set of missionaries but this house will be a lot smaller.

I think my Portuguese is coming along well. All the members and my companion says that I have improved a lot.

Have I told you that you all are doing a nice job with the house? Which you are. You don't need to send the new Team USA t-shirt down as I probably won't be using it. But, thanks for the option!

You had a question about my car. Because my car is doing very little driving, I recommend that you check the oil the old fashioned way, by checking the level and the color.

Too bad about my parakeet White Cloud. I hope that she gets better.

Oh! Derek is in Pensacola, FL leaning to fix planes. He gets to see the Blue Angels practicing every day. And Erika is attending Florida Keys Community College.

Thank you for wishing me luck. I need this luck because I have sooo much stuff to pack!


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