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Jardín Caxingui - August 15, 2016 and August 22, 2016

Brazil, São Paulo West Mission
São Paulo, Brazil

Elder Houghtaling's Email
Monday, August 15, 2016

I'm on. I'm doing quite well.

Please tell Dad "Happy Father's Day" for me.

To answer your question about the food... I honestly don't know what I am eating, in terms of what the name of the food is. The problem of why I don't know the food here is because they usually don't give foods names here. Just general ingredients.

No, Elder Oliveria didn't burn his white shirt to make the one year milestone of his mission.

The other main the photo next to the church is going to be baptized in Foça Do Sul, Panana, Brazil. His name is Juan and he was originally from Columbia. He is the best investigator we've had yet. He moved to Foça do Sul in Parana, just yesterday. It is better for him to be baptized there rather than here because he will be spending more time over there than here.

Parana is a State in Brazil, and Foça do Sul is the city. Its not in my mission but is wayyyy South of here, about 14 hours by bus. He is moving there so that he and his girlfriend can complete their education in a university there.

Yes, I had a hair cut. We generally try not to have out hair cut more than once per transfer, and the cost is about R$20. But, the previous haircut was R$38.

How are things going back home? Oh yeah, I saw a video of Michael Phelps when he almost lost the gold medal. The announcer was saying, Will he lose? Will he win? Will he lose? Ill he win? Will he lose? Will he win? Will he lose? HE WON!!!!!

I get about R$175 every 15 days from the church, which is about $76 every two weeks. If it isn't enough, I'm supposed to talk to the Financial Secretary of my mission about increasing or decreasing, but in reality I only get R$320 per month because the minimum bill the bank puts out is 20.

Do you know what Dad's email address is, so I can send photos to him? Oh, in the previous package you sent dental floss. They have this in Brazil, but thanks anyway! I received the package on Thursday when my zone had an interview with the Mission President. I made it a point not to forget my package. The walk to the Mission Office is only a 35 - 45 minute walk. Other zones have to take a bus, like Casa Verde.

This week we have what is called a Multi Zone Conference. I will let you know how that goes. The time is flying.

My shoes are holding up well. There is wearing on the heel because more than a few times every day I have to climb and then descend hills in my area.


1 Year for Elder Oliveria!

Brazil, São Paulo West Mission
São Paulo, Brazil


Elder Houghtaling's Email

Monday, August 22, 2016

How's it going?!

I'm cold. But well. Its about 13 degrees Celcius here.

Yeah, the clouds are looking a little cold in Michigan, Oh! There is another Elder in the mission who is from Michigan as well! His name is Elder Taylor Johnson from Ann Arbor, Michigan. He is an assistant to the President.

Did Dad really take that chance with my car? There is less than an inch between the front of my car and the garage door. Yeah, I don't need another reason to replace my front bumper.

Have you gotten to drive Dad's car more? And how is your car doing? Yeah, the thing is that I can get sent home and face church discipline if I drive. And Brasil has automatic cars also, but manual is more popular because its cheaper.

Brasil is safe but just with any other city you can't let your guard down.

Yeah, all of our investigators have fell through, Were trying to find more. 

Transfers are next week. Most likely I will stay and get someone else. Oh, and those yellow shirts, I actually was borrowing it from Elder Lima.

This week I will only have 20 months remaining! I really feel like time is cooking! In October I will be 1/4 of the way finished. WHOOOHOOOOOO! I can't wait to go to college and learn how to fly.

I watched the Olympics final football game between Brasil and Germany 2nd extra time and the shoot-outs with a family. We were watching the same thing at the same time. My companion wanted to watch but didn't want to be disobedient, because the president will find out sooner or later. But in the end the Frietas family members told us to sit down and watch the game. I think the entire mission watched it... I feel bad for Ryan Lochte the swimmer. But, actions have consequences. And I'm sure that those endorsements he lost from companies like Ralph Lauren and Speedo is because they are trying to protect themselves.

Elder Oliveria did buy sandals but it did cost him about R$120... Ouch. A Zone conference is like a stake conference but because its hard to feed 150 missionaries they split it up into two days. 

Here is the most recent photo from the Sao Paulo West Mission. I was only able to see Elder Siglin this time The others might have gone to a different multi-zone conference.

I'm glad to hear that our family is doing fine! We had an F1 tornado in Michigan? I know, right, that would be bad if our house got damaged.

Just in case we get cut offf, I LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!


Congrats Brasil! 1st GOLD IN FOOTBALL!

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