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Macedônia Ward, Macedônia A - Campo Limpo Stake - August 14, 2017 and August 21, 2017

Brazil, São Paulo West Mission
São Paulo, Brazil

Elder Houghtaling's Email
Monday, August 14, 2017

Óla Mãe!

This week was Stake conference here in Campo Limpo. President and Sister Thomas spoke in the session for recent converts and in the general session. In the session for Recent Converts and investigators, President Ponder (Stake President) had inspiration before the session to invite the missionaries to come up to the pulpit and sing "Joseph Smith’s First Prayer" during his talk, humming the third verse while he shared the first vision with the congregation. During the general session, we sang "Called To Serve" between the talk of Sister Thomas and President Thomas'.

Last Wednesday, we had a district meeting. We had to go to the stake center because our chapel is being renovated. I heard that they will be fixing up the roof because the chapel is a pretty old chapel.

That Wednesday night, I bought a new bag from the Liahona store, which is based out of Macedonia. Actually, the president of the elder's quorum, is the owner of the store. I bought a new bag because my current proselyting bag is really heavy. I needed something better, but I will still keep my old proselyting bag because it does have more space for when I am going to a multi-zone conference or things like that.

On Thursday, I went on a split with Elder Marcines from Argentina. And our district leader, Elder Fuente, from Chile, he stayed in the area. I was in the area of Jardim Epay until Friday night, in which we ended the division at the stake center because there was a stake conference session for recent converts and also investigators, in which Brother and Sister Thomas spoke there. It was really great. While our stake president, President Ponder, was giving his talk, he had the idea of inviting all of the missionaries up to sing Jospeh Smith's First Prayer, humming the third verse while he shared the first vision. President and Sister Thomas also gave talks about the missionary work and how being parents helps Sister Thomas understand the importance, in Heavenly Father's eyes, of missionary work.

That brings us to Saturday, in which I was back in my area, Jardim Macedônia, we went to the wedding to one of our investigators. Now that they are married, it now makes him eligible to be baptized. We are going to try to get him baptized this Saturday. I believe this date is August 19th. His name is Tony. Right now we are working with him. It is pretty great.

This soon to be Sister Alves that you asked me about will probably not get to know my companion Elder Dias, as the transfer that she is entering the field in is the same day my companion boards a plane to go home because he is completing his mission at the end of this transfer.

About global warming, I can't do a thing about it. After I came here to São Paulo, I learned this as I opened my eyes to the culture here. There is sooo much litter everywhere. Every creek and river here in the city is filled with sewage and all sorts of other trash. The trucks here don't have exhaust filters and pour their exhaust out the side on to pedestrians, and not from the top.

I will call the office and have them see if someone signed for my package, as they have cameras.

President Thomas is now trying to get my sun glasses back. Elder Marinho hasn't returned them yet. Elder Marinho has responded saying that he will bring them to the office the next time he goes.

Congratulations to Elder Ford! Missão Cumprida!

You have done a great job with the house. That outlet, is that the same one that was started before I left, where you normally put your purse?

Can you tell me how Grandma and Grandpa got to know the Church? As well as Dad?

About the camera, maybe something changed in the church's Wifi and now it's not letting me send photos. I sent some yesterday, but my camera was struggling because the Wifi was loaded. There were over 400 people at stake conference yesterday.

I cut my hair on Saturday, and Sister Thomas finally gave me her approval.

I LOVE YOU!! Have a great week, guys. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! Tchau!

Brazil, São Paulo West Mission
São Paulo, Brazil

Elder Houghtaling's Email
Monday, August 21, 2017

Minha Amada Familía,

The package arrived last Monday. I love the new tie that you sent me. If Elder Do Carmo’s name tags are already made, you can send them to his parents.

About my camera, I think it might be restrictions with my MyLDSMail account, which prevents me from sending photos from my camera. So, to get around this I need to start sending them using the I sent some yesterday afternoon from the stake center. It appeared that they were sent, because it didn't give me any error messages. This problem is starting to be very irritating.

Tôni has a new baptism date of 2/9/2017. I went to the area of Ypê on a split on Friday so this baptismal interview could happen and the appointment there could be visited.

On Friday (before the split) we had a multi-zone conference, in which I asked Sister Thomas about my glasses that Elder Marinho had taken when I was in Helena Maria, Osasco, and she said that he has turned them in to the mission office. After the zone conference, Elder Martinez and I ran there to get my package, then ran to catch a bus, and I ended up forgetting to grab my sunglasses. The reason why we run all the time is because he can´t seem to slow down.

I'm glad that you saw Kenan. I had lost contact with him because he doesn't believe in using email, as well as all my other friends, in exception for Chase and Derick. The next time you see Kenan tell him that I said hi, and good luck in Japan. Kenan looks different, He cut his hair and shaved his beard.

My companion Elder Dias loves the Japanese culture. He bought a design book recently to learn how to draw Japanese cartoon called "Mangá" in Portuguese.

I´m now laughing at the photos you sent me joking about the confederate situation in the states.

Can you send a message to Sandra and Odair, asking how there doing? I heard from Elder Nascimento that things aren´t cool there. I will be writing a letter soon.

I gave a talk this Sunday about Missionary Work. It was a five-minute talk in which I invited the members to participate in the work, and share their happiness with their family and friends. I gave them the reasons because there are a lot more members than missionaries. Unfortunately, we didn't have a microphone to speak... It was locked in a cabinet in which no one had keys...


These photos are google drive documents. You need a gmail account to save them, I believe.

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