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Helena Maria Ward, Osasco - September 26, 2016 and October 3, 2016

Brazil, São Paulo West Mission
São Paulo, Brazil

Elder Houghtaling's Email
Monday, September 26, 2016

I'm on and I'm able to talk. How are you doing?

I have not seen any Credit Unions here, but the Mission instructs the missionaries to use Bradesco with the mission cards. I learned to only go to banks during regular business hours and not on the first five days of the month. Yeah I learned that by experience that the lines are long during these times. 

I have some sort of rash on my arms in the four places in the photos. It doesn't itch or hurt. I've had these for about a month now. Don't worry. Please send these photos to Wendi. The mission president already knows about it but has not really said anything about it. I told the zone leaders about it and they said try some cream. I've already tried that Hydrocortisone rash ointment that you sent and it didn't help one bit... I had to buy something stronger without a prescription (even though it is a prescription cream), which works quite well. I can't remember the name or the ingredients but I will send fotos.

Well we were able to fix the water heater for the shower just in time because its been really cold for me.

We have two Brazilian elders, Elder Srur and Elder Adão. And the other is Elder Marinho from Lisbol, Portugal.

To answer your question, São Paulo does not have Spring flowers. Maybe there are some in places further South than here that have them. Well, its actually cold down here. It gets down to 50 degrees every night, only for me to be burnt by the sun during the day.

My package that you sent me is in the office, but we have a multi zone conference on September 27, tomorrow, and I will receive it there.

I would like more Old Spice deodorant. I have been buying deodorant here, but my only option is aerosol. I don't want more body wash; the brands down here work just fine.

Check out the new Boeing 737 Max. It is really cool!


Pico do Jaraguá - Highest Mountain in the State of São Paulo

Me Playing Around with the Zoom on My Camera

Me Playing Around with the Zoom on My Camera

Me Playing Around with the Zoom on My Camera

Me Playing Around with the Zoom on My Camera

Me Playing Around with the Zoom on My Camera

Brazil, São Paulo West Mission
São Paulo, Brazil

Elder Houghtaling's Email
Monday, October 3, 2016

I'm on. I know its a little early, but oh well...

I' doing well. I want to vote! Please send me the Absentee Ballot. And yes, the rash is gone. 

Thank you for letting me know Brazil's Daylight Savings ends October 16th.

Well, at the zone conference last week, the mission president talked about obedience, and he also invited guests to speak to us. This time he changed up a few things. Tuesday will be the weekly planning and Friday will be the district meeting.

General Conference was this weekend, which was live for all. But because the priesthood session was late, they had it aired again on Sunday morning. General Conference was in our building but we had to go to the Stake Center in Osasco to watch Priesthood session. I'm sure I would have gotten more out if it if I heard it in English. But it was sufficient in Portuguese. I mean I'm able to understand all of the general stuff in Portuguese, but personal stories, no. I can access in English here, so you don't need to send the talks to me.

Anido Dantes took a foto of Elder Srur and me with him during the break between the October 2 morning and afternoon sessions. I think Anildo is form the ward of Baronesa.

You don't need to send Cetaphil face wash to me. I have been using body wash for that. One bottle of Cetaphil is about R$90 here... I'm not giving anything away, and yes I'm getting enough to eat. I don't think we will be moving in the near future.

I was able to dry clean my suits a few weeks ago.

Mold is a problem in our house because the mission doesn't want to keep up on basic maintenance in our house... The wooden blocks that you sent with me to prevent mold are being stored underneath the kitchen sink.

I looked at Chevrolet's website and I think that in 2017 the States will be getting the hatchback version of the Chevy Cruise.

Yes, I've been keeping in contact with Derek.

Last week I made a choice to drink a lime juice herbal tea drink that Elder Marinho made. Unfortunately I didn't k now that it was made with tap water. I was very sick for the entire night. This happened on Sunday. But I'm all good now. I'll be smarter in the future. Elder Marinho did get sick as well, but not as bad. I drink bottled and filtered water, and when I am at member's homes (who have water filters) I drink their water.

We might be visiting a mall today to spend more money. But I think I'll just visit and not spend money.

My companion had an interview with the mission president on Friday, so we payed for the bus. The first bus on the return trip was great. It was one of the new giants that the city of São Paulo has, it is 23 meters long and rides so smooth. The busses here are actually worse than the busses at home. 

No, the money we get from the church will never increase. But we can get reimbursed for the money that we spend on approved transportation. "Approved" means if we need to be somewhere outside of our area, like the temple, mission office or for multi zone conferences. Oh, And only a few busses are actually good. A majority are uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous because of the bus drivers. In this area we ride the busses often.


Video and fotos for October 10 -Noite das sobremeses Night of Desserts October 6, 2016

October, 2nd - Intervalo da conferência (Halftime of the conference), General Conference
Photo taken and sent by Anildo Dantas

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