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Jardim das Rosas Ward - Campo Limpo Stake - July 17, 2017 and July 24, 2017

Brazil, São Paulo West Mission
São Paulo, Brazil

Elder Houghtaling's Email
Monday, July 17, 2017

Day 450

This week's email
Bom Dia Mamãe!

10 July, 2017
On Monday, me and my companion were pretty annoyed with each other, but on Tuesday we were able to work things out again. So, this recording will not be as long as to not annoy my companion again. Actually, we are running a little bit late going to the LAN house today, as we need to be there right now, and were here. He is making a recording for Sister Jardim, his girlfriend, that is serving her mission in the Florianopolis, Brazil mission in Santa Coraina. 

On Tuesday, we had a district meeting. We did a companionship inventory, which didn't do anything to help. So, we went thru the day with unresolved problems, then later that day we resolved them by apologizing to each other. We were able to humble ourselves enough to ask for forgiveness and to forgive one another. So, we're friends again. Thanks for your prayers, we have felt more peace.

Also, on Tuesday, we went to the doctor's office near the mission office, Le Forte, for a medical consult for Elder Do Carmo. As he was in the doctor's office, I was outside waiting alone. Yeah, it was a strange feeling not to have anyone by my side.

On Wednesday, we returned back to normal as the greatest companionship in the mission, The A Team as I call it. That is actually a reference from Harding's Marketplace.

We are teaching Marcos and Rachel. Marco's nickname is Bola. Yes, you heard right. We shared with them the restoration and the first vision. That was good.

On Thursday,

Today we had a violin class that Elder Do Carmo was teaching in the chapel. While he was playing, I was trying to learn to play How Great Thou Art, Praise to the Man, and There is Sunshine in my Heart Today on the piano.

447 Day 14 July, 2017
While I was in our personal study today, I read Chapter 14 and 15 of Ether. Then I entered into the last book, Moroni. The first six chapters in this book are incredibly small, so I read them within an hour. Then, throughout the day, I read the last four chapters, 7, 8, 9 and 10. And then, starting at 10:17pm and ending at at 10:20pm, I had completed the Book of Mormon in Portuguese.

I have completed the Book of Mormon in Portuguese in hopes that the promise of God, or our prophets, will be accomplished. The promise is if I read the Book of Mormon in Portuguese, I will be fluent in Portuguese! Yes, I'm having a hard time speaking english. Elder Do Carmo says I am fluent now. I encourage you and dad to read the Book of Mormon in both English and Portuguese because it is really great.

Elder Do Carmo is making me laugh. He says he loves you both. Now he is saying I am trying to kill him. He is afraid of me. He says I am killing him, and that I punched him. Everything you are hearing from Elder Do Carmo right now is false. I have not touvhed him; I only gave him a hug today. He say he loves me and is laughing.

Elder Do Carmo is happy to know that he will now have a name tag for his suit. He's been ordering for the past 6 months, and having money taken our by the office, but the name tag never is made.

On Saturday, there was a baptism in the ward. I will send them to you soon. My camera was low on batteries.

On Sunday, as I was sitting at the piano during Sacrament meeting, I was trying to convince Anna Colada, a young woman that Elder Do Carmo thought who thought the hymn number 151 in the Portuguese Hymn book. While she was playing that I was trying to encourage her to continue I became distracted and I forgot to click to play verse button again as the congregation continued on, so the piano was really off. So I stopped the piano and everyone continued singing as normal. And then, the cellphone that I was using to note what number of the hymn it is in English that I would put into the piano, the cell phone fell onto the keyboard, playing a note, playing a note as it was playing Onward Christian Soldiers, which was loud. Everyone in the congregation, maybe 100 people, heard not only the piano play, they heard the cellphone hitting the ground and the back falling off and the batteries falling out. I was really embarrassed. My face was so red, redder than it is when it is sun burnt. I apologized to the bishop, and he forgave me. He said, "No problem my brother".

Last night we had a family home evening in Altameiro's house. And then we arrived home getting a ride from the son of him Leao, or Leonardo.

When we go to Niagara falls, we can visit Palmyra, NY on our way, and a few other church sites.

If you had fear that the candy melts on it's way here then re-hardens, you're right with a majority of packages. But, it doesn't affect the flavor, just the shape, and becomes just a little bit more complicated to eat.

Tomorrow, in reality, we will be moving to our new house, so we all have to pack our bags and disassemble everything, and prepare it for a small moving truck that will be at our house tomorrow.

I'm not sure what else to say. But, I do like the new colors in the house. Congratulations that you're getting so much done!

You can tell the neighbors that story when I backed into the garage door. If that will make them feel better about backing over their mailbox

Oh, yes about the bike. I´ll leave it up to you, I can't use it as I've grow out of it.

Have a good week! I love you guys! 

7-11-2017: Elder Do Carmo had a medical consult. I was alone! #Badactingskills

Zombicide is a fun team game!

We were scared by Superheros in our house last night, Look closely at the nag tag and discover who brought it in.

Brazil, São Paulo West Mission
São Paulo, Brazil

Elder Houghtaling's Email
Monday, July 24, 2017

Weekly Email 24/7/2017

Well my time was short here in Jardim das Rosas. I am being transfered to the area next door, Macedônia - Campo Limpo. My new companion will be Elder Dias. I have to take photos of the new apartment, and I will do that this afternoon.

The address of our new apartment is Rua Celavisa 107 "Portal da Alvorada." The number of our apartment is 63. It was the apartment of a former bishop of our ward. When he moved a few months ago, he gave the apartment to the mission.

Just imagine four missionaries walking down the road with mattresses on their heads. This, actually, did happen because the mission office had forgotten to call a member owned moving company and schedule the move for Tuesday. So, on Wednesday morning we did the move.

As I was trying to figure out who is Fernada, when you said she was from the CTM, I had a little bit of revelation, and I remember who she is. Tell her "Parabéns! do Elder Houghtaling." How is she doing?

Yesterday, there were 5 investigators in the chapel. There was one more that just walked in to check out the church. We couldn't count him as a new investigator, as he didn't want to schedule an appointment with us for later in the week.

That was so cool to see the Ballard Family visiting, and you using your nametag.

Comfort Molly, she´s probably feeling the same feelings as you one year and three months back.

I've been thinking about this lately, I haven't been receiving very many cards. I'm starting to miss receiving cards.

How is Dad? Is he more involved in the Church? Using his Garments?


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