Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Nova Granada Ward - Osasco Stake - April 3, 2017

Brazil, São Paulo West Mission
São Paulo, Brazil

Elder Houghtaling's Email
Monday, April 3, 2017

I'm reading your email and responding to others.

Thank you for sending me those photos. That made me laugh! Yes, this means I am ready to talk. I have about 30-40 minutes.

I love the Five Dollar Foot Long of President Uchtdorf! I'm glad Elder Stewart share the photo. Can you get his email for me?

I'm trying to call the Secretary Elder Revers, but I'm not able to. I do believe that my package is being taxed. It's waiting in the Corrieos on Avenida Fransisco Morato, close to the temple, for withdraw. Yeah, I also worried about the package being returned if it isn't picked up soon.

Elder Revers called me to inform me that I need to go to the Correios on Fransisco Morato and pay a tax of R$138.00 ($45.00 USD). The situation is now resolved. Thanks for not taking it to President Thomas.

Yes the email you have for the mission is correct, Elder Revers said he received the email. Yes he does speak English,

I just talked with my companion and we're going to pay for the tax today. He's not a fan of the idea so I offered to pay his bus fare, but he rejected. It's a wound trip of about R$15 ($5 USD) per missionary and 3 hours, so R$30 ($10 USD) round trip for two missionaries. I have some coupons from Burger King. I could buy him lunch.

I just asked permission from LD Vila Yara who asked LZ Nova Granada A, who then called me right now granting permission for us to go get the package.

I think sending the flat rate envelopes are cheaper than the boxes...

The card works great. It just depends which location of a bank I use.

Yes, it is cooling off. Sometimes it gets a little chilly, 18 degrees celsius during the night. But, it is still warmer than back home. It is still hot during the day.

The microwave wasn't replaced because it still works. We were able to take the outlet off of the cord.

P-day starts at 08:00 and ends at 18:00.

Yes, I believe that this transfer will be the only one of five weeks this week. Its something the Area of Brazil decides.

For General Conference, we had lunch both days, but both of them ran late. For the first Saturday session we cam in while the announcer was speaking. And for the first Sunday session we were 35 minutes late. We watched the re-transmission of the Priesthood session on Sunday morning in the stake center. I saw Brother Dantes. I also saw a few others from Helena/Baronesa/Munhoz...

There was a lot of confusion in the ward if our chapel will have General Conference. People were saying that it will only be in the stake center, and others said that our chapel will get it. I believe it was just miscommunication between members who weren't going by the bishop's word.

I didn't hear the people oppose during the sustaining as the English is much quieter than Portuguese. I don't think they were thrown out. It doesn't seem like Jesus would do that. After all it was a vote, if there is any opposed, please let it be known. There are a lot of people there. There is a chance of their hand being seen. But yes, like you said, by the same sign, and not by yelling.

The church is true but sometimes the members aren't. Think of the talk of Brother Williamsen, "Don't like the prophet? Change yourself and not the prophet."

Next Sunday Odair will be baptized.

I was not able to send photos from the chapel as the Wifi was turned off for the conference.

The Google maps on the computer also has Packman....

Are you using DuoLingo every day? If you study and practice every day then you will improve. Not memorize, but to learn the meaning in Portuguese. It helps me to think proof so my brain learns Portuguese. Are you learning how to use verbs, and the conjugations of these verbs? Ah, yes. The photo you sent of your Portuguese studying is exactly that. Does your Portuguese practice get to speaking or just reading and writing? A lot of your Brazilian friend on Facebook have Whatsapp. You can use that to make international calls with them to practice only using data.

Prova pensando mais em Português. Isso me ajudou. (Proof thinking more in Portuguese. It helped me.)

The verb provar means to try, as if your trying food.

I don't know how much more time I have. I need to ask... The computer guy is occupied. I'm not able to ask him. At this LAN house it is the owner that keeps track of the time. No timer, no program that locks the computer.

I have 30 more minutes.

When I go to Correios, I will buy more garment tops as the others are getting some moldy black spots, that appear out of nowhere. It primarily grows on the upper back of the garment.

The last time I went to São Paulo for the interview with President, I saw a person get in trouble with a cobrador of the bus as this person jumped the gate without paying the fair as the cobrador wasn't in the seat handling money. They discussed, then the person payed then was cussing the cobrador out during the entire trip. A flight over a bus fare of R$3.80... I think his problem was is that the cobrador was not there to accept the money, so he thought that he could just jump the gate. Unfortunately that isn't the way the world works. You wait patiently until the cobrador returns. But he ended up paying. The bus would not move without his paying.

The old President of this mission became an area seventy. Luis Del Guerso. He was my first mission president for a few weeks before President Thomas arrived.

Do you have the mission's Facebook? Elder Oeste isn't it. But the photo you sent is cool.


I LOVE YOU!!!! Until next week!!!

Sister Nazaré is in my district

Tylor would love to hear from you: 

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