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Jardim das Rosas Ward - Campo Limpo Stake - June 19, 2017 and June 26, 2017

Brazil, São Paulo West Mission
São Paulo, Brazil

Elder Houghtaling's Email
Monday, June 19, 2017

I'm on!

About Linda Kelly that was at Sherika's open house that you went to on June 17th... I think I recognize her by face, but by name... That's a different story.

I like the bishop here. His name is Bishop Kennedy. The reason why I say this is because we share the chapel with the ward Jd. Kennedy. In our first meeting on Saturday, I became a little confused when he said his name because of the name of the other ward as well.

We live in one of the two green apartment buildings near Rua dos Dois Irmã 61 on the 10th floor. When we got there the house was so dirty that the spirit went away the second that door was opened. We cleaned and threw a lot of stuff out that was left behind by other missionaries. In fact, it was so dirty that Elder Do Carmo and I spent Tuesday and Wednesday cleaning. We finally left the house to work at 6:00pm on Friday.

The other two elders who live in the apartment are Elder Ottenschot and Elder Melo. They didn't want to do any cleaning because Salt Lake has already authorized us to move to a new location. So basically the house was abandoned...

The elders there before us were Elder P Lima, Elder Ottenschott, Elder da Cruz and Elder Loose. Elder Melo was transferred in with us. Elder P Lima was the only missionary to go home. But now the apartment is clean.

The story is we will be moving to the house of the old bishop who gave his house to the mission. And because the missionaries knew that they would be moving soon they stopped cleaning. But the toilet is leaking water and also the shower's knob is broken in the on position, so we have to turn on and off the main water to the bathroom to take a shower.

We will be moving this transfer. The person in charge of the houses is visiting the apartment today. Thank goodness we cleaned.

Dad looks soo happy in the photos you sent.

If I send a while bunch of clothes back that I'm not using, will you send me my plastic clarinet? We can debate this.


6-13-2017 Goodbye Elder Campos #TheBestTwoYears

6-12-2017 "I said goodbye" to Raposo... in the next few photos

6-17-2017 These next two videos are of a guy practicing Saxophone a few floors below us last night.

6-13-2017 Elder Johnson is going home to Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA! He has completed his two year mission.

Courage Doesn't Exist When the Cockroach Flies

View from our apartment

View from our apartment

Brazil, São Paulo West Mission
São Paulo, Brazil

Elder Houghtaling's Email
Monday, June 26, 2017

Some new changes were made in the mission rules concerning email. We only can write one giant email, and not chit-chat...

Oi Mãe!

Well, I'm still struggling to swallow the new mission rules. Maybe this is a minorly hard heart, and a lack of 100% trust of unwritten rules. But I'm not just going to willing accept it, and remain sad about it. I will try it and see how it works out. 

This week on Tuesday we went to the Stake Center of Campo Limpo (I don't have the address) for a zone conference. President Thomas showed up and attended. The zone leaders didn't say anything about the email thing during this meeting. After the zone conference, we returned to the area to have lunch in the house of the bishop. Elder do Carmo and I then left running to the bus stop to take a bus back to Campo Limpo to get on another to go to the office to be interviewed by President Thomas. We arrived a half hour late, 4pm, but we ended up waiting until 5pm to be interviewed. I got Grandma's card on this day. I really loved it! We returned to the area and arrived around 7pm.

Our chapel is a shared chapel with the ward of Jardim Kennedy (Rua Marechal Floriano Peixoto, 568 - Jardim Pres. Kennedy, Embu - SP, 06820-200). It’s the 2nd smallest chapel that I know. The first being the first chapel that I attended in the mission field, Jardim Caxingui.

On Friday, we met Jessica who was baptized in Bonfiglioli. She claims to know Vivian. She's less active but will come to church on Sunday next week. She wasn't going to church because she didn't know where it was.

On Saturday, we arrived at the chapel to speak with the sister that directs the music as our piano is in English and she was needing help using this piano. Before the Festa Junina we taught Rogerio. He lives in Grajáu near Interlagos. We answered his questions about the plan of salvation. He said will attend church there and meet with the missionaries in his city.


Elder Tylor Glen Houghtaling
House: Rua Serra dos dois irmãos 10, Jardim Amalia

6-20-2017 Interview with the president on Tuesday. After returning, we went to a family's house for a party.

Sacrament Hymns for our ward for the year.

Sacrament Hymns for our ward for the year.

We taught Rogerio who lives on the other side of the city.

We taught Rogerio who lives on the other side of the city.

6-24-2017 Festa Junina

Can you make a tag with magnet (Elder Do Carmo) and 2 clips; one for me and the other for E. Do Carmo?

Tylor would love to hear from you:

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