Monday, January 23, 2017

Raposo Tavares Ward - Raposo Tavares Stake - January 23, 2017 and January 30, 2017

Brazil, São Paulo West Mission
São Paulo, Brazil

Elder Houghtaling's Email
Monday, January 23, 2017

I'm on.

We have no baptisms yet, but we have 5 investigators progressing towards baptism on 2-04-2017.

Last P-day, Elder Guimarães and I did not go to the office, but Elder Sigognini and Elder Do Carmo did go. We all wen't shopping at CareFour, a giant grocery store in our area. I find lower prices at CareFour than the smaller grocery stores closer to home.

This P-day we are going to get our hair cut and maybe more shopping. I have a new goal, eat breakfast and dinner everyday, because I weighed myself at Carefour last week, and I'm down to 72kg. 

Tomorrow we have interviews with President Thomas. And on Wednesday, 1-25 2017, there is a Worldwide Training from the Missionary Department.

This week has been very rainy, like clothes aren't drying, so I have to use the iron to dry them. It has rained every day this week, and I've gotten soaked more than a few times.

The photo with all of us wearing hats was taken at a district meeting last Tuesday, 1-17-2017.

I'm writing a letter to you and Dad, but I'll send it next week.


District Meeting 1-17-2017

District Meeting 1-17-2017

Dad! Look what I found!

Elder Houghtaling's Email
Monday, January 30, 2017

I'm on.

I'm sorry I don't have much time, again; 29 minutes. I had a bunch of things to do during this Lan House time. But it doesn't help that it took 5 minutes just to log in with success.

I'm doing well.

The sister who opened her mission call is from the other ward (Educandario) that shares the same chapel. I forget when she is reporting to the CTM but she's going to the Brazil Fortazela East Mission.

I'm glad to hear that Lamb of God is now in Holland because of the space of the venue.

I'm not using the cream for the rash on my hands from when I had the rash before, as much as I should now. My hands itch only occasionally. The health secretary has told me to use the cream for two weeks, and then tell him if it doesn't let up. Then they will take me to a dermatologist.

On Wednesday I will begin the yearly visa renewal process. I will be going to the federal police with Elder BomTempo. You asked if this means I will get to come home a few weeks early because my mission began at the Brazil CTM, and sometimes the church does not want to go through a second visa renewal because the missionary will only need the visa for a few more weeks after completing this process. My answer to that is... when I come home depends on when my final transfer ends, which might mean April 10, 2018, on Grandpa Berger's birthday. This is the last transfer date before my April 27, 2018, two year mission anniversary and mission completion date.

Tell Molly that I am sorry about Jasper.

I will take photos of the house today, as you requested.

I've never heard of the missionary glass lesson that your missionaries (Elder Johnson and Elder Hase) gave you. But one thing I did learn is only one church leads to heaven, just like not all busses go to the same place. 


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